Commercial Roof Coatings & Restoration

Does your Commercial Roof need replacing? It is NOT your ordinary roof coating!

Restore EPDM, Concrete, Cap Sheet, Metal, BUR, TPO, PVC, SPF, or an existing coated roof.
Most roof coatings are acrylic-based elastomeric or cheap aluminized coatings that can’t withstand ponding water or prolonged UV exposure. Our system uses a high-solids silicone rubber-based product that is far superior to other coatings on the market.

20-year Manufacturer Warranty available!

Our silicone rubber product creates a seamless roof system at a fraction of the cost of a traditional roof replacement and can be applied over virtually any existing roof.



  • Restoring Saves an Average of 50% Vs. A Traditional Roof Replacement
  • Seamless Roof System That Self Flashes and Adheres to All Roof Components
  • 10-, 15-, or 20-year Manufacturer’s Warranty Available
  • Can Be Applied Over Most Roof Surfaces – Saving Time, Labor, and Disposal Costs
  • No Mechanical Fasteners
  • Lightweight: Our System Is Allowed by Code to Be Installed on a Building With Two Existing Roof Layers.
  • Ease of Maintenance - Minor Repairs Handled by in-house Personnel
  • Installed With Little to No Disruption of Building Operations
  • Multiple Colors Available; White Meets the Reflectivity Standards of CRRC and Qualifies as a “Cool Roof” System
  • Life of the Roof Can Be Extended Indefinitely


  • Unaffected by Standing Water
  • Will Not Chalk, Degrade or Haze From UV Exposure
  • Strong, Highly Flexible, and Durable; Has Excellent Elongation Properties, Providing Hail and Impact Resistance